What inserts am I using??

  Hey there planner peeps! Recently after showing my chunky B6 travelers notebook and sneak peeks into how I plan in my b6, I've been getting comments and messages on where I purchase my inserts. Soooo, here's goes nothing. I currently have a total of 11 inserts in my planner. (I think). You see, I … Continue reading What inserts am I using??

Planning 101, lingo in the planner community

Hey there planner peeps! Have you noticed that no matter where you go¬†on social media, you tend to come across a TON of different lingo and phrases. Listed below are some of the common phrases, lingos, and acronyms that planner addicts use in the planner community. Planner sizes, types, and details A4: uses paper size … Continue reading Planning 101, lingo in the planner community