What inserts am I using??

  Hey there planner peeps! Recently after showing my chunky B6 travelers notebook and sneak peeks into how I plan in my b6, I've been getting comments and messages on where I purchase my inserts. Soooo, here's goes nothing. I currently have a total of 11 inserts in my planner. (I think). You see, I … Continue reading What inserts am I using??

Diary, agenda, planner. What is what?

  Hey there planner peeps! So I was browsing through a FB planner group and someone posted about how it's dumb that planner addicts don't know what the difference between a  diary, agenda, and planner is. Well me being one of those dumb planner addicts, I decided to do some research. According to Webster's dictionary … Continue reading Diary, agenda, planner. What is what?

July PR package; Purple Paper Eater

Hey there planner peeps! July’s Purple Paper Eater PR package was more than amazing! I received the stunning safari kit with a matching elephant shaker. The graphics on these sheets are amazing. One large sheet and four half sheets as one kit would last me more then one week. Also included in my package was … Continue reading July PR package; Purple Paper Eater

Giveaway Review: MaklowPlannerGoodies

Hey there planner peeps! WOW! Now, I've won giveaways before but nothing this big. A HUGE haul of planner goodies AND $50 shop credit. I swear I am one lucky planner girl (insert winking face here). Maklow Planner Goodies hosted her birthday giveaway and I just had to take the chance to win, and I did!!! I … Continue reading Giveaway Review: MaklowPlannerGoodies

Giveaway & Sticker Review: HurricaneRandiStickerCo

Hey there planner peeps! Now, If you have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I've been obsessed with giveaways and based off of my last blog, you know the reason why. I've had the privilege of winning not only one but TWO giveaways from Hurricane Randi Sticker Co. So let's do a review. … Continue reading Giveaway & Sticker Review: HurricaneRandiStickerCo

Planner sticker review (Kapua’s Pretties)

Hey there planner peeps! Now, what planner girl doesn't like planner stickers? I know I do! For the longest time I have been talking about planner stickers, and although I LOVE making my own style of stickers, receiving some FREE ones are always great. Today I want to mark off my very first sticker review. … Continue reading Planner sticker review (Kapua’s Pretties)