I just wanted to share ….

Hey there planner peeps!

Okay, so it’s been while. Where has your girl gone?! Well once again blogging took the backseat to my crazy life and everything in it. I mean, I can sit and write for days. Compile ideas up the wazoo, but actually being able to find time to type it all out, take pretty pictures for my awesome readers AND make graphics. Pssshhh #NOPE!! For example, it’s now 12:49 AM. My household is finally asleep, I should be catching up on work (which I’ll talk about reeeeeaaal soon), and tidy up my house. But NOPE! I’m laying in bed, with my “new to me” Valentine’s Day gift laptop, typing to YOU!

So why aren’t I working, cleaning or SLEEPING?! I dunno hahahaha (insert laughing emoji). You could say I had the urge to share with you all about my new business venture and how it has helped my family and how I know it’s going to continue to help my family.

ONE. If you think I’ll be blogging about Etsy, y’all is C.R.A.Z.Y! haha I want to talk to you about me OTHER business venture. #Legalshield. If you haven’t heard of Legalshield, GOOD. If you have , even better! Fair warning, I’m not going to write a three page essay about the company and that crap. I’m just going to tell you about how it helped my family and what I do. SIMPLE as that. 

So basically Legalshield is a legal service in the palm of your hand. Plain and simple. Think I’m lying?! Go to your play store or app store, whatever it’s called and find the Legalshield app. You can download if you want (IT’S FREE!!!) or just check out the reviews. #whatever. So what does this app do? I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you (oh gosh I need to find a way to put emojis on here lmao) JUST KIDDING! I would explain it in my own words, but you guys already know how I am. I write like how I talk, and I talk in broken English (thanks Hawaii LOL).

Look, just check out this link here if you’re now intrigued and interested in their services. It’s NOT spam, I’m not making you obligated to do anything. The video is seriously two minutes long TOPS. If you feel like you want more answers, you can email me at garrie@lifewithgarrie.com or fill out a contact form on gmousser.wearelegalshield.com SIMPLE AS THAT!!

Now, what do I exactly do for Legalshield. Well, I’m doing it. My job is to spread the word of Legalshield to family, friends, etc and show them how they can protect themselves, their families, and/or their businesses.

Now, HOW DO I KNOW ITS NOT A SCAM?! I use my membership DUH! Here’s my story.

Before I type this, I want to make a disclaimer. With everything that I have gone through with the planner community and the incident with a PGW member saying my children were “fair game” while they were bashing me (true story) I haven’t shared much personal information about me nor my family. I took down all my photos from my IG. Deleted posts from my blog. I even hid my albums on my Facebook profile just so incidents like THAT wouldn’t happen again. So hear me out when I say that this took A LOT of courage for me to type. So, if you have anything negative to say. Save it for Nancy, she’s the only bitch that cares (get it?! Negative Nancy)

So, let’s get to it. This is ALL TRUE, none of this shit was made up. My husband has two children from his previous marriage that he hasn’t seen nor spoke to in almost FIVE years. Yes people FIVE YEARS! With numerous attempts to get in touch with them, find out where they live, or any info in general we came up short. This shit broke my heart you guys, it tears me apart every fucking day. To see my man in pain and cry when their birthday’s pop up, or when we’re celebrating the holidays. It’s something I don’t even wish upon my own worst enemies. Social media are the only way he sees them. So thank goodness for that. We’ve contacted the child support agency, the court-house she filed their divorce (which is a whooooole other story) and we got provided with nothing. Of course we could have hired some attorneys/PI or whatever. But spending an arm and a leg wasn’t something we were prepped for. So fast forward to a month ago when we got our Legalshield membership. Plain and simple (once again), he called our law firm inquiring information about a levy that  was put onto his bank account. He got a call back within a few hours and had a consultation with his lawyer(s). From there the ball got rolling. Within ONE week, ONE FUCKING WEEK you guys, they were able to get us paperwork providing us with the physical address of the kids. You don’t even know how relieved we were. That was the little positive notion we needed. It was something HE needed! From a simple consultation about a levy to acquiring info about my stepchildren was a HUGE accomplishment for us.

So what did this cost us? Sure as hell wasn’t no couple hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. Everything; consultation, document reviews, letters on his behalf, and whatever else they did for him …… was all included in our monthly membership fee of $25! Take THAT!!!

I know that it’s NOT a scam. My law firm actually just had a new year open house for new clients. If I lived in that area of CA I so would have gone. But oh well. So, because I personally know that the service are REAL and worth it, I wanted to share it with EVERYONE I know and I mean EVERYONE! Legalshield doesn’t only work with family law, they do the WORKS! Like I said, check out the link I showed. If it’s not for you, THAT’S FINE! Hey, who knows. Maybe someone you know can benefit from this. 

Yepp. That’s all I want to share for now since this is getting way to long without photos. lol I could go into detail on how I do it as a job, but maybe I’ll save for later. If you’re interested in knowing, message me.


Until next time you guys,



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