What inserts am I using??



Hey there planner peeps!

Recently after showing my chunky B6 travelers notebook and sneak peeks into how I plan in my b6, I’ve been getting comments and messages on where I purchase my inserts. Soooo, here’s goes nothing.

I currently have a total of 11 inserts in my planner. (I think). You see, I have inserts in their regular bands, I have inserts jump banded together, one tucked into the back pocket, AND I also have inserts tipped into other inserts. (does that make sense?) When I counted, it came out to 19 inserts. DAAAAMMMMM!!

So here’s the deal, instead of getting into detail of each insert. I’ll do a series just for my planner inserts. Since there’s sooooo freaking much! lol

Down below you’ll find each insert that I use ( and in order) with their corresponding links. ENJOY

Tattoo Babe grid insert by Brooks Printables

2017 2018 year at a glance insert from Annie Plans Printables

Undated monthly insert from Printable Pineapple

Blank habit tracker from Printable Pineapple

Kid’s information insert from Annie Plan Printables

Finance insert bundle from Elegancify

Simple lined inserts from A Girl And Her Journal (FREEBIE) website

Home insert (FREEBIE) download from The Planners with Manners FB group

Chores & Meal planning insert from Well Traveled Planner (shop may no longer be available)

Habit tracker inserts (different from previous) from Color my Planner

TV tracker show insert (FREEBIE) from A Girl and Her Planner website

Week one two inserts from Plan with Shan website (FREEBIE)

3 Column daily inserts from Pineapple Printables

Mental Health insert from Monica’s Marvelous Printables Facebook group

Health and Fitness insert from Organise with Katie

Life & Project Planning inserts from Elegancify

Social Media tracker from Annie Plans Printables

Tucked in the back pocket of my planner I have my Christmas insert also from Annie Plans Printables.

PHEW! That was A LOT of work! Please stick around and subscribe to see how I use each of my inserts.

Happy Planning,






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