IG on your PC


Say whaaaaat?! Instagram on my PC?? LOL

Hey there planner peeps!

You’ve read correctly. Today (well more like tonight) I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to get access Instagram from your PC. Now before you start saying “just go to http://www.instagram.com” that’s not where I was headed to. I’m not only going to show you how to access your IG on your PC, but also be able to check your IG messages, comment on photos, and see instastoreis too. Trust me it’s quick and easy, don’t have to download any special programs or what not. {However, after playing with the app, I realize I (maybe it’s just me) can’t upload any photos. I don’t have a webcam and I can’t figure out if you can upload from your PC gallery. But’s its ok, I have a separate app for that} Can’t believe I didn’t discover this before.


SIDE NOTE: This tutorial is for NON Mac users. SORRY!!

Step 1: Go to your store application on your PC

Screenshot (1)_LI

Step 2: You’re gonna hit up that search bar on the top right and type in INSTAGRAM

Step 3: Simple as that, you’re going to INSTALL Instagram onto your PC. I’ve already done it, so my screen looks a bit different.

Screenshot (4)_LI

Step 4: After installing the app, you’re going to login into your IG account and be on your merry way. Easy peezzy (I have no idea if that’s even a REAL word), lemon squezzy.


You’ll be able to access your messages, explore page, and everything else like the regular phone app.


*DISCLAIMER* photos can only be uploaded from a webcam.

Happy planning,



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