June Purple Paper Eater Mystery Box

ppereviewHey there planner peeps!

Amanda from Purple Paper Eater has done it again with yet another gorgeous planner box. June’s theme was mermaids and let me tell you, giiiiiiiiirl she nailed it!received_10213027882509791 Perfect combination of shops with one of a kind gorgeous pieces of work. (Insert heart eyes emojis here). The variety from functional to decorative was all included within this box and each item complemented each other perfectly.

As you can see in my crappy pictures below (don’t worry I’m working on it) , her box offers what any planner girl would need for any style of planning. Sticker kits, functional stickers, washi, a planner band, several different planner clips, post it notes, a pen, and a planner tassel. PHEW!! I personally want to add these kits and items into my “hoarding” stash but we all know I won’t be able to resist using it *wink *wink

Amanda’s mystery boxes are offered in her shop every other month for LESS then $30! What a steal right?! Each time, Amanda has a unique set of planner related shops participate in her box. With that being said there’s a rare chance that the same exact set of shops will participate within the same box again. This makes her boxes one of a kind and of course exclusive. Doesn’t this make you want to snag her next box?

Participating Shops


Now, you’re probably wondering how you can snag Purple Paper Eater’s next mystery box. Well, look no further. August’s mystery box pre-sale is right around the corner and TRUST ME you don’t want to miss out on this one. Check out Purple Paper Eater on Facebook and Instagram

Want more of Purple Paper Eater? Can’t wait till August and you need her stuff NOW??! Use coupon code GARRIE15 for 15% your order.

Happy Planning,



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