Planning 101, lingo in the planner community

Hey there planner peeps!

Have you noticed that no matter where you go on social media, you tend to come across a TON of different lingo and phrases. Listed below are some of the common phrases, lingos, and acronyms that planner addicts use in the planner community.

Planner sizes, types, and details

A4: uses paper size 8.27 in x 11.69 in

A5: uses paper size 5.83 in x 8.27, slightly similar to a half sheet of paper

CC/WP: Color Crush / Webster Pages

fauxdori: a planner based off of the Midori traveler’s notebook style, hence the term faux

compact size planner: a planner similar in size to a personal size but with smaller rings

personal size planner: uses paper size 3.74 in x 6.73 in

pocket size planner: uses paper size 3.19 in x 4.72 in

Wo1P/Wo2P:  week on one page/week on two pages

Wo2P:  week on two pages

Mo2P/Mo1P: month on two pages/month on one page

Mo1P: month on one page

dividers: these pages separate sections in your planner and usually have tabs

dashboard: very similar to dividers, however it’s purpose is mainly for decoration

guts: another term for inserts or content inside planner (as a whole)

inserts: the pages used within a planner

When buying, selling, and trading merchandise:

BNIP: brand new in package

BST: buy, sell, trade

CC: concealed cash

PP: paypal (form of online payment)

EUC: excellent and in used condition

ISO: in search of

DISO: desperately in search of

UFT: up for trade

FSO: for sale only

F&F: friends and family (a form of paypal method)

G&S: goods and services (a form of paypal method)

NWT: new with tags

NWOT: new without tags

For Facebook use:

BUMP: acronym for “bring up my post”

following/*: following the post to get notifications of comments and/or responses


other folder: a designated folder on Facebook Messenger where messages from non-Facebook friends are placed until approval.

PM: stands for private message

RAK: random act of kindness

TFS: thanks for sharing

TIA: thanks in advanced


Hopefully these help some you new planner addicts out there! Is there a phrase, lingo and/or acronym I missed? Comment down below and let me know. I would love to learn more.


Happy Planning,



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