January Planning with Garrie Recap

Hey there planner peeps!

Last night I was given to privilege to host my FIRST planner class of 2017 in a new location. I must say, at first I was perfectly fine thinking of it as a class I have done before. That was till I received my class count. A whopping 14 ladies signed up with  5 ladies messaging me stating they were paying the day of the class. WOW!

We started the class on a rocky start with some ladies being shy. lolimg_20170130_093209_127 We went around the class first sharing who we are, what planner we use and how we use it. Each of their planning styles were unique and creative.

Shortly after, I just let the ladies go at it (insert laughing face). Usually in my planner classes I do one single DIY (do it yourself) planner accessory. But this time I decided to do a “plan with me” instead. Why the change? I’ve learned that there is only so much that I can teach that YouTube can’t and the last thing I want is for the ladies to be bored (which I hope they weren’t)

The ladies got to know one another, talk about each other’s planning styles, and of course plan in their planners. lol16409796_10209914594314572_1241943651_o I used ALL my destash stickers and spread them amongst the tables for the ladies to share. It was perfect for the ladies who needed that ONE specific sticker to complete their layout or the beginners who barely use stickers and wanted to try them out. Trust me, there were LOTS to go around.20170128_172033 Half way through out the class I dumped out my washi stash and offered the ladies to help themselves with making samples or for their current/future layouts that they were working on.

Overall, I thought it was a GREAT turn out and the ladies were all wonderful. The ladies were friendly and so willingly to help out on another with any questions and curiosities. I do wish that I had MORE for them to do and some goodies to pass out (insert crying face). Hoping for a full class for February as well.

Happy Planning,


Were you one of the lovely ladies who joined my class? Click here to take a short survey. Any form of comments and questions will be appreciated.


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