How I use my Happy Planner

Hey there planner peeps!

I’ve previously showed you how I use my daily planner. Now I want to show you how I use my Happy Planner.

I first purchased my happy planner in October 2015. I fell in love with the layout and all the possibilities you can do with notes, schedules, and decorating. 11.02-11.08

When I first started out in the planner community, I didn’t know what was what. lol I was sort of overwhelmed with my planner and not 100% sure on what to write in it. As you can see (in the photo to the left) I did A LOT of drawing and DIY stickers.

When I first got my Happy Planner at a local craft store, it’s main purpose was for my everyday planning. I would take it on the go with me everywhere I went. Shortly after purchasing and using my Happy Planner, I realized that this planner was not cut out for “on the go planning”. So it became my at home planner.14807966_301000486965465_249703407_o

So what’s the purpose of my Happy Planner now? I’m currently using my Happy Planner as a “show planner”. I decorate/plan each day according with events, errands, etc a week in advance. After each day, I fill in the gaps with something that happened within that day. I use sticker kits, DIY stickers, store bought sticker, etc. I’ve also decided that my Happy Planner would be a P E R F E C T way for me to display/show off sticker from shops that I promote for and for memory planning.

Want to see better pictures of how I plan in my Happy Planner? Follow me on Instagram Life with Garrie to see how I decorate and display my Happy Planner. How do you plan in your happy planner? Tag me in your layouts I would LOVE to see.

Happy Planning,


Check out the Me and My Big Ideas website for the Happy Planner and other planner goodies.





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