Oahu Planner Girls May Meet Up

Hey there planner peeps!

On May 28th I was given the honor to help plan and host a planner meet up. 12963879_10209379489029167_9081179139464981377_n

The Oahu Planner Girls FIRST planner meet was something A LOT was looking forward to. Due to the fact that two of the four hosts was running late and with half the supplies, we were in bit of a rush to get things moving. Ladies were showing up and some (to my surprise) were so helpful.

Everyone was being checked in, the OPG signature board was being signed, and the ball was rolling. We played our first game “Mingle Mingle”, ladies had a small board to fill out about themselves. They then had to find fellow planner sisters who shared the same interest as them as well. Some were confused with the concept of the game but the main thing was that the ladies got up and met other ladies at the event.

Soon after their first games, we started calling out the raffle tickets. I’m so happy that these special shops were generous enough to sponsor us these planner goodies, and the fact that we were able to provide them to our attendees for free!! 13452963_211221782610003_1364155280_o

We then did our first make and take activity. The planners and JR planners got to make cut little cobachan (I think that’s how you spell it) paper clips. There were sooooo much to choose from. I’m glad I got to assist with this part of the meet up, I love being helpful to planner newbies and crafters.

After more raffles was called, it was planner stack picture time. Don’t know what a planner stack is? This is when all the attendees bring their planners for a photo op. We just stack them up together and snap a photo. I think at some point it became a competition of the size of the stack. Not 100 % sure. LOL

13453523_211208209278027_1059807805_o (1)

Ladies were starting to get ready to head on home and end their day, but of course not before getting their ‘swag box’. I must say, it is not as easy as some people think getting shops to sponsor your event. ESPECIALLY when there was a planner event on the same island just a few weeks prior to your own. But I was lucky enough to get (guesstimate) of close to 60 shops to provide either a physical item or coupon code for the event. I’m so thankful to those shops and companies.


With the group photo being the last thing on our list, the event ended as a HUGE success.

13461152_211206715944843_345144215_o (1)

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to plan and host my own event. ONE DAY

happy planning,



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