PR Girl 101; Downfall of promoting for multiple shops

Hey there planner peeps!

I’m going to keep this one sweet and simple.

Most planner addicts who know that I promote for multiple planner shops always have an opinion on this particular topic. Some applaud me for being able to promote for a large amount of shops, while others thinks it’s a bit ridiculous. For me, the downfall of promoting for a massive amount of shops is not the duties and/or “obligations” of having to posts for those shops; it’s the negativity from OTHER planner girls that takes all the fun from it.

I seriously deal with negative comments from other planner girls everyday in regards to the amount of shops I promote for and the fact that I still continue to add-on more shops. I was told its unattractive how I promote for so many shops, I’m greedy for promoting for all these shops because it takes the opportunity away from other girls who want to promote as well.  This caused me to stop seeking out shops to promote for at one point, it even made me question my ability to continuing to promote for shops.


People are just plain old RUDE!

happy planning,



One thought on “PR Girl 101; Downfall of promoting for multiple shops

  1. Garrie,
    YOU ARE AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO! Don’t let the negativity of others who are quite literally not as accomplished, talented, or as much of a giving person as you, get to you. Their jealously is no reason to stop what you’re doing. Just remember you have more people in your corner than those who are saying negative things. You rock! XOXO Kimberlye

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