Let me RANT!


Hey there planner peeps,

There is something that has been bothering me for some time now I feel that the only way I can get it off my chest is by speaking to someone or smacking someone.

Let it be known that I can’t stand fake people. Especially those who pretend to be nice on social media and then talk smack about you behind your back! I understand how this happen with people you met in real life. But for it to happen within the planner community is a tad bit ridiculous.

So sometime ago I blogged about how a certain person had a large amount of negative things to say towards me and the swag bags that I provided for a planner event. Well, it hasn’t stop there. Let me catch you up.

After the humiliating conversation I decided to attend event. Not only did I participate, I also provided a swag bag to EVERYONE that attended. INCLUDING the specific lady that had all those negative things to say. What was unfortunate was that three specific packages didn’t make it to me on time. Now, I could have been the selfish person I was made out to be and keep the items to myself, but instead I informed the ladies who attended the event that I had receive the packages and that they could either meet me near my home for the stickers or they could wait for them to be shipped out. The amount of responses I received was unfortunate. Only a small handful of ladies wanted the three remaining shop items.

Now like everyone else, I have a life to tend to so shipping the items was not my priority. If the ladies wanted them badly they could have come to pick them up. (you know what I mean?) Well, a certain someone decided to take into their own hands and post about me and the swag bags on social media. Why you ask? Because according to her, she wasn’t sure if everyone got a swag bag. I didn’t see why she made it her business nor her concern. But she did it anyways AND she tagged the sponsored shops in the post. Now why would she go and do that. It wasn’t a thank you post to them, in fact it was nothing to concern them about. Because of that particular post, I had to explain to the shops that it wasn’t pertaining to them and that it was a misunderstanding.

During this time I was also informed (by of course an anonymous source) that this exact person was messaging the shop owners about me. WTF? First saying thank you for sponsoring the event AND then to throwing me under the bus about using the remaining items in a giveaway. Her reason and concern about my giveaway? She wasn’t sure if everyone got one.

What is wrong with people now days? Now if I spilled the whole bag of beans (dropping names and showing pictures) I believe people’s perspectives on this particular group of women would definitely change. But I feel that karma will catch up to these ladies.

happy planning,



3 thoughts on “Let me RANT!

  1. Seriously?! What is wrong with people. You try and be nice things and this happen. Honesty, some people just love drama and getting their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Don’t rise to it lovely, as you say karma will be on the way to them xx


  2. Oh my goodness Garrie!!! I am so sorry that “she” is such a nightmare and, in my opinion, trying to ruin your reputation with the shop owners you are friends with. Some people are so vindictive in this community and it is annoying. For example, you know I had my 2nd spinal surgery in December and that I’m just getting around to being able to do my own things and even walk or sit up straight again for longer than an hour or two a day. I have one particular woman who does not seem to understand that my healing and nerve damage from how long it took me to get my surgery have been one tough battle. I am still unable to do a lot of things because of this. Well, even though my shop is still on vacation, she has hounded me to let her rep for my business and then asked me to donate to a planner meetup. To be completely honest, I’d have no problem doing that if I’d have had enough time to actually make the money back I spent just on investing in supplies; however, my surgery was a hope last year and I got the news at the very last minute. It didn’t give me enough time to do much of anything. So, anything I do would be out of pocket. Again, not that big of a deal since I’d love to get my name out there and share goodies with ladies at a meetup… but can I meet the deadline and the amount of demand in my condition (especially at the time of said request)? The answer is no. In the meantime, I’ve had some back-stabbing and nasty rumors about me fly around, and I know it’s because she wants what she wants and does not understand what I’ve been through. I am not a sticker shop. I can’t just print out things and send them on their way. In the future, I do hope to be able to take part and do awesome things like donating to meetups, but I don’t think I want to donate to one she organizes…especially someone who is so quick to assume things or spread rumors that cause people to think nasty and untrue things about me. I have been following you and seeing how generous you are for long enough to know that you’ve got far better morals and kindness in you than this lady (who had absolutely no part in what you did for everyone and got mad when you did what you did for everyone at this meetup) and that you have every reason to be angry. And seriously, how many swag bags did you actually give away after all was said and done? I think you did the right thing in teaching out to everyone who missed out at the meetup by giving them an opportunity to get swag bags after the event. She had no business contacting those shops when she did not have anything to do with it and bashed you for doing it. You’ve just got a vindictive and jealous person who wants to control everything and try to ruin things for you. She won’t win, so don’t let it get you down. You’ve got followers that know how sweet and caring about others that you are. It might have been a mess, but I’m with you on the karma view. She’s definitely got some bad stuff coming her way for all she is doing and you, sweetie, are amazing for everything that you handle in this sometimes overly dramtic community. I wish you the best and no mattter what, you’ll come out on top.

    *hugs* Kimberlye


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