Giveaway Review: MaklowPlannerGoodies

Hey there planner peeps!

WOW! Now, I’ve won giveaways before but nothing this big. A HUGE haul of planner goodies AND $50 shop credit. I swear I am one lucky planner girl (insert winking face here). Maklow Planner Goodies hosted her birthday giveaway and I just had to take the chance to win, and I did!!!


I was soo excited for all the goodies it completely slipped my mind that I also won $50 shop credit. Let’s get down to the goodies.


First set of goodies I got consisted of A LOT of stationery items. Sticky notes, rulers, mini tassels, stickers, page flags, pens, tags, notepads, and trust me SO MUCH MORE! The best prize from this pack was of course the pink Macaron “notebook” along with some basic inserts and dividers.


You’ll notice that this is the same exact planner that I just painted. Next set of items I won was the $50 shop credit. Now, if you’ve never won a giveaway that consisted of shop credit, then you must know that although you have credit Etsy won’t let you use the coupon so close to the total. For example, my prize was $50 shop credit. Enable for my coupon to work, my total had to come out to $55 or more. I was of course perfectly fine with paying the difference.

Here were my picks from her shop. I first picked out some washi tape samples of the washi tapes that I did not have. I was overwhelmed by all the picks that it literally took me FOREVER to narrow it down. So, the washi designs that I chose were the bats, sugar skulls, suits, full body skeleton, super heroes, three leaf clovers, skeleton bones, and finally a super hero onesie washi. 13105798_168665720198943_1819074643_o

My next pick was the colorful weekend banners. This is one the most used stickers I have due to the fact that I use multiple planners. The variety of colors makes it easier to use with numerous different kits and themes. Within the picture you can also see that she included 2 absolutely cute samplers.


Last picks were three of her planner kits. I chose the Goldie bundle, Animal Print bundle, and the Rosie Gold bundle. Each kit came with weekend banners, tear drops, box dividers, icons, boxes, checklists, and headers. One of each sheet. I’m glad that I chose kits. Unfortunately these kits are no longer available in her shop, but she still does have others.

Shipping was fast and Susan (shop owner) was so kind and sweet. Definitely recommend purchasing from her shop.

happy planning,



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