O’ahu Planner Girl Meet Up


Hey there planner peeps!

Now, based off of my last experience with a planner meet up you would think that I wouldn’t want to attend another. Well, I AM! As a matter of fact, I’m helping a fellow Hawaii planner girl Elisa (@themonk3ymama on Instagram) plan a meet up. How did this end up happening? Well, Elisa reached out to me inquiring information about my swag bags. She was personally unsure about pursuing them due to the negative feedback I received. Of course I told her she has nothing to worry about. I then offered my help and it took off from that.

—> at this point I’ve decided that I wanted to walk you through the process went took to plan our meet up. Kind of like a planner meet up ‘how to’

stay tuned

happy planning,






2 thoughts on “O’ahu Planner Girl Meet Up

  1. I look forward to your future posts as a friend and I have talked about trying to have one for those of us who are a bit far away from where everyone else has the huge planner girl meetups. XOXO, Kimberlye


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