PR Girl 101 Pt 7: Good and Bads

Hey there planner peeps!

Like most things in life, there will always be the good and the bad with every experience  . So let’s disgust the two. Remember these are just from my own personal experience and observations.


The good parts of being a PR girl

  2. Discount codes
  3. FIRST hand on new releases
  4. I am able to  create a connection with the ladies I PR for and with.
  5. I get to be involved in helping a mom / pop store grow


The bad parts of being a PR girl

  1. Your news feed may or may not become a profile full of reposts and shop updates instead of your own planner spreads and such
  2. You start to lose followers because of the reposts
  3. Social media notifications take up your life LOL


Now as you can see there is not much things that can cause such negativity to being a PR girl however, there are several things that may make being a PR girl a tad bit difficult.

Complications with being a PR girl

  1. No products to promote
  2. Not getting along with fellow PR girls
  3. Getting blamed for sales not going well
  4. Lack of communication within a PR team
  5. Not enough followers to get a sales mark

I personally feel that the worst that could happen is that you either get dropped from a PR team or the owner shuts it down.

Hopefully this small piece of information helps.

happy planning,





4 thoughts on “PR Girl 101 Pt 7: Good and Bads

    1. Right?! My personal problem was when the shop owner herself would stress it to the team that communication is a must but yet it’s her that goes MIA.

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  1. Read this earlier and I do agree. I will leave it at that, but as simple and sweet as this is, you nailed it. It doesn’t make me want to never rep.. I love it, but you have to take the good with the bad.


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