My First Planner Meet Up; Pt 2

Hey there planner peeps!


As you ladies know I’ve attended my first planner meet up on March 20, 2016. After reading my previous post about the “drama” that occurred during my swag bag process, then you would think that the planner meet up would have been a disaster in the making. Well, I guess you could say I was a tad bit wrong.

I unfortunately showed up late. When I did, the lovely planner ladies were just sitting and talking amongst themselves. The area was a little bit smaller than I expected and so was the headcount. The ladies were separated amongst three tables, which I felt didn’t give the ladies a chance to interact that much.

As soon as the ladies were settled, a simple DIY sticker making process was quickly taught to the ladies, and then we were back to mingling. Some time passed, ladies ate their lunch while I drank my beer.


Next, we did the 10 item swap. Now, before attending the meet up I asked a fellow planner girl how these 10 item swaps go. According to her, at the last meet up each lady was randomly given a number. During the swap they called the numbers one by one. At the turn of your number, you are given the chance to pick ONE item. After picking your item, the next lady goes. This continues on till all items are gone and all ladies got back 10 items. At this meet up, they had the ladies line up in a line, of course with Junior leaders first. We then walked around a circular table picking one item from the TOP of the swap table. We continued to walk around the table till everything was gone and every lady got their 10 items. It was a fun event, but unfortunately for me it was kind of lost. I did get my 10 items but not items I would have chosen if I got to rummage through the stash. I also thought that they should have switched up the line in between takes to give the ladies in the back of the line a chance to grab first. But oh well.


Now the good part. I refused to walk around and give out my swag bags. So one by one the ladies came up to me to collect theirs. Of course I had extras for the ladies who didn’t ask for one but still attended. EVERYONE got a swag bag, including the main person who bashed me for making them.

And then I left. lol But not before adding my planners to the planner stack photo and taking a group picture. lol


During the meet up I did notice one shop owner who sat alone on a table prepping planner stickers and goodies. At first I thought she was making items for the ladies or she was going to do tutorials. But apparently she was there to make items to sell. It was a bit awkward but it didn’t bother me.

Overall it was a fun interesting meet up. Nothing what I expected but overall good. I’m glad I attended the meet up and got to meet the other planner addicts from Hawaii.

happy planning,


Picture Credit: Sharing the Aloha For Planning Facebook Planner Group



One thought on “My First Planner Meet Up; Pt 2

  1. I just want to say, I smiled so big reading this earlier today. I know that the meetup may not have been everything you expected, but I LOVE the swag bag part. I believed that what you did was a great thing and you definitely took a stand in having that person who bashed you come to you for a bag. Sadly, there can be too much drama in the planner world sometimes. I know that I would have been so grateful for someone like you making sure that people had a chance to get goodies like they do at other planner meetups. Hooray for you and for all you do for the planner girls!!


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