PR Girl 101 pt 6; Promoting multiple shops

Hey there planner peeps!

So, you’ve made it onto a PR team and you now know the ins and outs of being a PR girl. What if you want to PR for other shops also? I personally don’t think that there is a problem with planners promoting for more than one shop AND I don’t think that shops should make it a requirement to NOT be a promoter for other shops enable to be a part of their team. You know what I mean? I however am lucky enough to be a part of some awesome PR teams to where the shop owners are okay with me promoting for other shops.

I get asked all the time on how I am able to keep up with promoting for multiple shops, and still keep up with my printable groups, blogs, etc. Well, in all honesty that’s what  I have my planner for. LOL I currently use my personal size Macaron planner that I received in a giveaway from Maklow Planner Goodies to keep up with the shops that I PR for. Within this planner, I have the shops separated into sections by shops. Within each section I note the promo codes for me to provide for my followers, contact information, and shop information. I also have a weekly tracker of when I promote for each shop just to make sure I’m not over doing it for one shop and not enough for the other. I track down when I receive packages and SOMETIMES what I receive.

When it comes to posting, I seriously just post at random. I don’t have a specific day of which shop to post for, nor do I special schedule. lol When shops either tag me in their posts or share their sales in our group chats, I repost them within that day or the next (depending on the sale post). At the end of each week I look over my shop tracker within my planner and I make mental notes on which shops I tend to post more for (if that makes sense). I try my hardest to make sure that I equally post for each shop.

I hope that this really helps. If you would like more detailed information on how I PR for multiple shops just comment down below.


happy planning,




4 thoughts on “PR Girl 101 pt 6; Promoting multiple shops

  1. What do you do when a shop had 2 other pr girls chosen that already repped for other shops suddenly becomes jealous when you start repping for another shop? There were obviously no rules about only being a rep for one shop because those gals would not have been chosen if that were the case. Along with the whining (blaming it on the other girls repping for other shops more than hers, rather than coming out to say it), she’s saying that she’s thinking about just not having reps after all. Now I’ve got to say that a quarterly package of stickers, with only 2 weekly box set stickers and one type of decorative sticker is not enough to decorate with every week (especially not for 3 months). She’s not big on creating functional stickers, so that does lessen my ability to just use her stickers. I was also tagging this shop and purchasing before I became her rep… but now it’s like it’s the end of the world. As most of our pr package received was meant for a giveaway, this also does not help. It’s not possible to do more advertising for her shop than I already do as I share her newest additions, freebies with purchases, and more. Without bashing my friend, I’ve not really liked some of her latest stickers, and I don’t think I should have to buy from her every week knowing that I am spending money on things I already have, may never use, or don’t like. Additionally, it’s almost as though she’s stalking my IG feed and watching to see when I post things from other shops or layouts with free printables. What would you do? What would you recommend? These issues were definitely not expected, but I’m wondering if my nonchalant response was how I should have handled it. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


    1. I can honestly say that I’ve been in a situation similar to this. It was my first PR team and of course I was excited. My attention was promoting for that shop and that shop only. Then when I became a PR girl for two more shops, I started to feel negative vibes from not only the shop owner, but a particular member of the team as well. They would use indirect comments on how some girls weren’t posting enough for her shop but they would post for other shops. At first I ignored the comments because I knew that I was doing my requirement of posts. Now mind you. Within the time I was her PR girl, I had only received ONE package with odds and ends from this particular shop. This went on for almost 8 months until I decided that my “hard work” was being wasted on negative people.

      As far as the quality or amount of product you receive you should make it known to the owner that it does not work out with the amount of promotion that she is expecting. Some shop owners do take it into consideration. Others, not so well. If you feel that contacting her privately then do so. If after that you feel it will not change and the negativity will remain the same, leave the group. It’s honestly not worth it. There are a TON of other shops who would LOVE to have a creative and hard working promoter like you

      I hope this helps
      xoxo, Garrie


      1. Thank you so much for your feedback. It makes it tough that the shop owner is a friend; however, this is a job that she is asking me to do. I don’t want to be part of something that is constantly negative if that is going to make my love of planning feel like I don’t have the freedom to create or share what I love. I never signed a contract that said I could only love/buy things from one shop (or that I had to buy anything at all) and somehow it does feel like that is the vibe I am getting from the shop owner. The other girls do not get private text messages complaining about how things are going for the shop, etc., or hear about the shop owner’s latest spat with some other shop owner. The irony is that after I asked for your thoughts, the shop owner started a group chat about what could be done to help boost her shop. Her complaint was that there had not been any purchases with the pr codes given to the pr reps. (Prior to this, I had already told her that as a buyer, I wouldn’t use the pr code I had been given knowing that there was a bigger discount code on her IG page. So, I pretty much let her know that if you are giving a pr code to your team that offers less of a discount than the one she herself offers, don’t be surprised that your team members’ discounts are not used.) During the discussion, she texted me privately to jump in on the conversation (which I could not do at the time due to traveling for post-surgery follow-ups), so that I could be the one to say the things that she does not want to come out and say. One minute I have a passive-aggressive shop owner who is using the “other pr girls promoting other shops more than hers so she may just stop having a pr team all together” as a way to hint that she is not happy about me promoting for another shop, and the next she is trying to get me to be the person who comments for her about things that she wants instead of saying it herself. It is definitely not an easy situation to be in and I definitely want to help my friend, but there is a part that feels that she doesn’t want to give me the freedom that the other ladies have because I am her friend (and in her mind, I believe that means she feels I should only rep for her and no one else). I am going to take your advice and give her feedback about the things that I need in order to be able to promote her shop the way she wants. If it comes to that point where there is more negativity than joy in being a pr rep for this shop owner, then it will probably be in my best interest to offer to still promote as a friend (as I used to) and request to not be on the pr team. And thank you again. I am hoping to find more shop owners to rep for. I love helping shop owners/groups that I think are great…even when I am not on their pr team or there is no promoting requested.



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