PR girl 101 PT 5; Your Goodies

Hey there planner peeps!

What is the best part of being a PR girl? Well besides assisting a small business branching out? The FREE products of course. lol Rumor has it that there are A LOT of planner girls in the community who only apply for PR positions for the free products. I honestly think there is nothing wrong with that. As long as the ladies are using the products and doing their jobs as promoters, them all is well.

Previously I stated that you should establish with the shop owner your duties and the expectations the owner has of you. During that time you should ask what you will get in return OR what is your form of payment (products). Let the shop owner know that you want to know what you will get and when you will get it. NOTHING is wrong with asking. In this case you have a general idea on how long you have to “stretch” your products till the next package.

What kind of goodies does a PR girl get? Well, it depends on the shop that you are promoting for. I currently PR for sticker shops and planner goodies shops (shops where their products varies). How often do you get products? For each shop that I PR for, there is no set date nor specific items that I would be receiving. It all depends on the shop owner. One shop says she’ll send out PR packages twice a month, I’ve only received one package so far (I’ve been her PR girl for several months now), another one just sends it at random times, I’ve received multiple duplicates and noticed that other PR girls got different items then me, but I’m okay with that. Another shop that I PR for does not send PR packages nor physical products. Instead she provides each PR member with a certain amount of store credit based upon the amount of sale referrals that they get. (does that make sense?) When you make a PR team and you decide that the form of “payment” you’ll be receiving is not what you expected AND you cannot promote for a shop with those kinds of terms, then you need to let the shop owner know. By continuing to stay on the team, you could be wasting not only your time but the time of the shop owner as well.

Want to see the types of goodies I receive from my PR shops? Check out my Instagram page life.with.garrie.

happy planning,



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