Giveaway & Sticker Review: HurricaneRandiStickerCo

Hey there planner peeps!

Now, If you have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I’ve been obsessed with giveaways and based off of my last blog, you know the reason why. I’ve had the privilege of winning not only one but TWO giveaways from Hurricane Randi Sticker Co. So let’s do a review.

First giveaway I won from her was during the summer of 2015.  My giveaway prize was a kit of my choice (actually the hubby picked it). IMG_4466Shipping was fast and and the products were gorgeous. I love how her matte paper is so smooth, her cut lines aren’t jagged or too deep. The designs on this kit is amazing. The details of the designs and the color combinations work so well with one another. What I also loved about this kit was that it seemed so rustic and county (I have no idea if that makes sense). I also love the fact that I can choose a wide variety of Washi tape to match this kit. BUT, sadly I haven’t even used it. Wait, I lie. lol I’m hoarding this kit, I used ONE half box from this kit and I still feel bad about it.


Next giveaway I won was a loop giveaway. Prize was $25 shop credit. I jumped on the opportunity to pick my winnings and so IMG_4475it could get in the mail quick. My sheets are SO cute I seriously (once again) want to hoard them. LOL I picked several of her Disney mini kits. I love the vibrant colors each sheet has and the mixture of boxes, headers and character icons that it comes with. Did I mention that these sheets were apart of her $2 Tuesday sale? Doesn’t that make you want to snag these sheets ASAP! Makes me wish I got more. lol I of course didn’t get the chance to use these yet, I’m waiting on the PERFECT week for it. Overall, she’s definitely a 10 in my book all around. Her stickers, her customer service. LOVE IT!!


happy planning,



Don’t forget to check out here sticker shop ; Hurricane Randi Sticker Co


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