PR Girl 101 Pt 4; Your PR duties

Hey there planner peeps!

What comes after determining what the shop owner expects of you and what you expect from the shop? WORK!  I am a firm believer that you don’t need to wait for products to come in the mail to promote for the shop. YES, having products is key but you don’t need them right off the bat. I believe that the small amount of time between being chosen as a PR girl and getting your first PR package is crucial. During this time you want to prove to the shop owner that they did not make a mistake of choosing you and that you’re ready to work.

A PR girl’s main duty is to PROMOTE! You share the shop owner’s sale posts, Photoshop or recreate product photos from the shop, come up with fun hook lines to persuade your followers into checking out the shop AND purchasing products. Don’t forget to ask the shop owner for a discount code, planner girls LOVE discounts and sales. It doesn’t matter how many times a week you post or when you post, it’s WHAT you post. Use popular hashtags and make sure to tag the shop in your post so that your followers have an easy access to their profile. If you use multiple social media sites, take advantage of it and promote there.

Once you’ve received your products, do NOT use them all at once. This was the number one mistake I made when I first became a PR girl. I quickly ran out of stickers and had to resort to reposting photos from the shop’s profile to promote. What’s wrong with that you ask? Nothing. But like I stated previously, you want to show how creative you can get with these products and how well you can use them.

Have fun ladies!

happy planning,



PS If you would like to see how I promote for shops, check out my instagram life.with.garrie


7 thoughts on “PR Girl 101 Pt 4; Your PR duties

    1. Omg, me too! I take A LOT of photos in one sitting, then post them at later times. I’m still working on getting my photos to look gorgeous like yours.

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  1. Loving these blogs and tips. I definitely need to get a better setup for my photos and get more creative. Perhaps it will also help with my shop when I’m back to feeling better and caught up with other things that I’ve fallen behind with during my ongoing surgery recovery time. One day at a time, though.. right? Even though I only recently got my first PR role, I had already been “promoting” for this shop bc she’s a friend. So, I’d still have been helping either way, but thinking about taking different types of pictures to share and help promote is something that I had not been doing. Any tips on what helps with creating some of those really gorgeous pics that so many shops and planner girls post? Do you think that PR gals need to have special setups for staging photos, like shops do? Thanks again!


    1. I for one don’t think you need those gorgeous pictures. I for one don’t have any and I’m on several PR teams. lol A friend recommended some easy cheap ways to get those gorgeous shots. It’s basic white platforms (board or carpet), and natural lighting. if you’re shooting it at night, lamps are your best friends. I hope this helps.

      – Garrie

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      1. Once again, thanks for the feedback. I was watching a periscope and saw that one of the ladies just uses a white poster board and keeps it close to her window for natural lighting. I don’t have a high dollar camera, but I do think that using the tips you mentioned are going to be my best bet in the future. No special umbrella lighting and expensive camera required. Thanks Garrie!!



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