My first planner meet up; Pt 1

Hey there planner peeps,

So let it be known, YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY.

I was given the opportunity to attend a planner meet up in Hawaii before moving to California. I was so excited! I’ve waited since October 2015 to hear about this meet up. LOL Details of the meet up was provided to the ladies attending and to my surprise an announcement of there being no ‘swag bags’ threw me off. Now, I’ve never been to a meet up before but I do know that every person can plan a meet up to their liking. Instead of the swag bags the ladies planning the event decided to do a ten item swap instead. My first immediate thought was “what if they don’t have something to bring?”  I asked on the group event page and the response was what I expected. Ladies who were not able to bring anything won’t participate. I mean, DUH Garrie. lol

My thoughts wandered off to how the less fortunate ladies would feel not being able to bring anything, nor get anything from this event. Now, if you read my previous post then you know why I wouldn’t be able to bring anything. I don’t have the money to. I confided in other planner ladies who are attending the event and they agreed. Some also admitted that they may have a hard time bringing something for the swap. My heart melted and I wanted to do something about it.

I jumped on Instagram and contacted some planner shop owners in search of purchasing samplers or freebies. They didn’t ask who the meet up was for or who was planning it, so I didn’t say. I didn’t want to make it seem like I was planning the meet up because I wasn’t. I just wanted to provide the attendees with a simple ‘swag bag’. After having to explain my reason for the samplers the two first shops I asked had told me I was crazy for wanting to purchase them and that they would give provide it for free. ACTUALLY, shops do these things all the time and they enjoy doing these kinds of events because it gets them business. After talking to those two particular shops, they offered to ask their friends if any were willing to participate. Their kind generosity brought me back to the planner community that I love. These two shops also told me to ask for sponsorship from shops and I may get more items. So I did. I kept my search to a minimum. Only asking the ladies that I have either had a casual conversations with and the shops that I PR for. Now keep in mind, none of these ladies knew the fine details of the planner meet up. They only knew that I wanted to make baggies for the ladies. Of course I was denied by some shops, but I wasn’t worried. After I gained a YES from a certain amount of shops, I wanted to spread the word. I originally wanted to keep this as a surprise, but I didn’t want to take over the planner meet up. So I FB messaged the two ladies who are planning the event about the GREAT news. The response I received, left me in shock.

I was basically told that I shouldn’t have gone behind their backs and done this. I should have asked for permission first… take a moment to let that sit in. I explained that I didn’t associate their names nor their planner group  with the swag bags and the fact that I offered to purchase the items instead of receiving them for free. They said they appreciated the gesture, but I should have asked first.

Time had passed, and I was over it. Shops were sending me things and my swag bags were in full effect. I posted sneak peaks on my Instagram and in a chat room that I was in. Everything was going smoothly. But for some reason, I felt like I was missing something for the swag bag. So this time I took the two shop owner’s advice and I posted on my social media sites that I was searching for shops to “sponsor” my swag bags. The response I got (once again) was shocking.

I was privately messaged on Facebook by someone saying that I back stabbed the ladies who were planning the meet up and I was making the planner group that they are associated with look GREEDY! She claimed that the ladies have a certain way of doing things and I was messing with that. Even after I explained that I didn’t associate my swag bags ONCE with the ladies nor their group, this lady still insisted that me seeking SPONSORS (because she always typed in caps) made the women and the planner group look greedy. I even stated that I offered to purchase the items AND I did pay for some of the things myself. But yet, I was still the bad guy. Was I wrong? She also claimed that another meet up was in the process of being planned and the ladies were “saving” asking sponsors for that meet up. Why? Why does one meet up get swag bags and the other don’t? What makes the other meet up more special than this one? What is the problem of one simple person doing something nice for others? With the hundreds of shops out there in the planning community, how does ME asking shops make THEM look greedy? I still don’t get it and sadly it still bothers me.

This lady now blocked me on social media. Now that I think about it, I still have to see her at the planner meet up. So far, my first planner meet up has being ruined. I really don’t want to go, I don’t want to feel uncomfortable there but I knew that the ladies of the meet up deserved these baggies.

happy planning,



2 thoughts on “My first planner meet up; Pt 1

  1. What a mess. Some people are too uptight. I honestly do not think I would even go at this point. I would not associate myself with such negativity….Instead have your own planner meet. Something lowkey..Like at the public library they usually have rooms you can use for free or at a church…Ask everyone to bring a snack or drink to share and whatever they would like to share….Think low key and I bet you will have a bunch of happy planners.

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  2. Wow. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people in this community who can be so negative, even in the kindest of gestures. I don’t think I’d want to go, but I have been dying to find out what is like to go to a planner meetup and get a swag bag. Sadly, I live in a town where I am probably the only planner girl and although I’ve searched for places and groups that might have something close to me, the closest is over 6 hours away and I was not able to make their meetup because of my surgeries last year and still not being cleared to drive. I’m torn as to what I’d do in your shoes. You’ve done this amazing thing so that the people who are not going to be receiving anything because they may not be able to participate in the swap; and if you don’t go, they are the ones who are going to also feel awkward and left out. That’s really sad that the people planning this cannot appreciate your help and can only see it as being “shown up” or you going behind their backs. It also makes you want to just not go at all… or have anything to do with ANYTHING these women in charge put together. At least in the future meetups, they “plan” to have swag bags for the attendees and no one will be left out. It may feel ruined for you right now, but you didn’t do anything wrong. If you show up with gifts for everyone, they will hopefully be appreciated (as I’m sure some of the ladies will be very thankful for the time and work you’ve done to be sure they were not left out). It’s definitely a toss up as to what to do. Being the better person and taking the higher road is always the best advice, but it’s hard when you’ve already been social-media beaten down by the ones “in charge.” I hope that whatever you decide makes you happy and that you get to enjoy a planner meetup without any drama. Planning and these events are supposed to be fun. Wishing you the best!

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