PR girl 101 Pt2: The fine print

Hey there planner peeps!

YAY! Congratulations you are now a PR girl! Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back and round of applause, trust me you deserve it. But what do you do now? Well, the first thing I did was establish a form of communication not only between you and the shop owner, but between you and the other PR girls as well. Most PR teams like to create chat rooms on Instagram for this particular reason. If there is no chat room made, take the initiative to make one. It shows your “boss” (shop owner) that you’re focused and ready to work.

Next, when becoming a PR girl you want to make a clear guideline on what is expected of you and what you expect from your shop owner. YES, you can give guidelines to the shop owner. For example; if a shop wants you to promote their products, than products you must have (sorry the hubby is a HUGE star wars fan). From my personal point of view, if a shop owner fails to communicate with his/her team in regards to promotions, releases, packages, then the shop owner should compensate for that mistake on their part. Don’t you agree? I mean, if a PR girl’s promoting is not up to par with the shop owner’s expectations, then she is booted. But what happens to the shop owner if he/she can’t live up to their end of the deal? So you definitely want to make sure that it’s clear on the expectations on both ends.

Now that you’ve established an agreement and communication platform, it’s time to get to work..

Welcome to the club *wink

happy planning,



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