PR girl 101 Pt 1: Apply

Hey there planner peeps!

So many ladies have asked how did I became a PR girl for sticker shops in the planning community. Now I am no expert on this particular topic, BUT I can of course share my experiences.

The first step (obviously) is to apply. A LOT of shops post photos on their social media sites searching for PR girls to promote their products. Each shop of course have their own set of requirements needed to become one of their PR girls. What are these requirements? Well, they can vary from the amount of followers you have on your social media account(s), the variety of social media accounts you have, how often you post on these social media sites, to even the quality of the photos that you post. It all depends on the shop owner.

Who do apply for? DON’T apply for a PR position in a sticker shop just for the free stickers. in my honest opinion, that is the WORST thing you can do. Apply for a shop that you know you would be able to use their products in more than one way. Take it from me, you don’t want to promote for a shop where you feel  like you’re ‘forced’ to use their products.

Now, for the shops that I currently PR for, the application process were all different. Some asked for a simple message talking about myself and why I joined the planner community. Others wanted to know specifically how I can be a benefit to their shop and why I wanted to PR for the shop.  At this point, if you’re seriously interested in applying to promote this shop, you need to sell yourself. You need to start showing off your best planner layouts, your most creative planner DIYs (do it yourself), sticker hauls, washi collection, etc. You need to provide something to the shop owner that no one else will nor would.

Now, if you’re a new planner girl and you’re just starting off in the planner community it may be hard to snag a spot on a PR team. But if I were you, I would use that to my advantage. How you ask? Tell the shop owner you can give them a “newbie” planner’s point of view. Fresh eyes, new ideas. Things that some veterans or “old timers” would over look. Think of a fun yet creative way to promote yourself. A shop will not pick a planner girl (or guy) who can’t promote themselves. If you can’t promote yourself, how will you be able to promote them?

Last but not least, do not be discouraged if you weren’t chosen. I would know first hand how it feels like to not be picked as a PR girl. For some, it’s a “whatever” kind of reaction. While for others, thoughts like ‘”why wasn’t I good picked?” “what do those girls have that I don’t?” “Does the shop owner dislike me?” Some ladies do take it personal.

During this time, some shop owners are kind enough to send a message saying you weren’t chosen (most won’t give a reason why). For other shops, you would just have to check their social media site(s) to see if they have already picked their ladies.


Hopefully this helps.

happy planning,



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