Planner sticker review (Kapua’s Pretties)

Hey there planner peeps!

Now, what planner girl doesn’t like planner stickers? I know I do! For the longest time I have been talking about planner stickers, and although I LOVE making my own style of stickers, receiving some FREE ones are always great. Today I want to mark off my very first sticker review.

Today’s planner sticker review will be from a new friend I made on Instagram named Kapua’s Pretties. She does NOT own a sticker shop, but after getting these beauties I am 100% sure that she should. 12633126_10208364183360227_206819593_oNow, if you’re a local girl like me then you know how detailed these stickers are. I am in complete shock! They are GORGEOUS!  From the Plumeria flowers in her logo to the colors of Uli’uli. I seriously don’t even want to use them. LOL I received three small sheets of these lovely stickers from her and I am eternally grateful for them!
12669230_10208364183760237_176662295_o12633370_10208364183440229_977656699_o (1)





So if you’re currently on instagram, make sure to give her a follow. Her layouts are awesome, and trust she will be open up a store in the near future or more sooner than I assume.


happy planning,



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