My Printable Sticker Journey Continues!

Hey there planner peeps,

WOW! A few weeks I’ve expressed to you on how I wanted to share my sticker creations with the planning community. My initial thought process was to upload my printable stickers to my blog, and then let it grow from there. Well, let’s just say that I went another route. I decided to give it a test drive on Facebook first and once again WOW! I officially opened the group to members on January 4th and as of today January 20th I have already reached 1,207 members. (mind blown) With over 150 different styles of uploads and more requests than I can possibly handle I decided I’m going to freak myself out even more by uploading them here on my blog, my ORIGINAL plan. So let’s get this started! Listed below will be just  a small handful of what I have created and converted for now. Stick around, I have LOTS more to upload.

Here we have simple and basic colorful
baby bottlebaby bottles also in a wide variety of colors. I personally use these as a reminder to either purchase new baby bottles or to replace a part (like the nipple) of the bottle. Click here to get the baby bottle upload.
babysittingThird upload I have for you today will be a variety sheet of icons that can be utilized for babysitting and/or infant care. You’ll find baby icons (in blue and pink), diapers (in blue and pink), baby strollers (also in blue and pink) and babysit words. I can also make these in separate sheets, just leave a comment down below and I’ll be happy to add them on. Some ladies in my  Facebook group have requested for these. Click  here for the babysitting sheet.

Last but not least, I have
back packs simple and colorful style backpacks. I use these as little reminders of when I need to either wash my son’s backpacks or when I need to clean them out. My boys tend to get really messy and unorganized when it comes to their school work so I need to make sure that my mommy duties of cleaning out their bags are in full effect. Click here to get the colorful backpack icons.


Thank you for taking a look at what I have created so far! I hope you enjoy them.

happy planning,



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