Hey there planner peeps,


Pocketletters (to me) is a form of penpals combined with scrapbooking. Janette Lane (creator of Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals) created this alternative way for her project life cards. Moments later it became a new fad that everyone has to take part in. For a short period of time, I took part in this remarkable exchange. Provided in the picture, this is one of the last pocket letters that I have receieved till I move. Let me just say that if you’re really into crafting and you like to take your time with your projects, this may become time consuming and pricey. At first the objective was to use scraps and pieces  to create this lovely works of art, but it became an obsession that went well over budget. Spending money that I did not have just to make these. PicsArt_1449886948824At one point I bit off more then I could handle and took on too much pocket letter pals at one time. After explaining my situation, I caught myself up with my crafts and then I intrusted a family member to send my pocket letters out. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I became a bad trader and my name/reputation was down the drain. Im clearly not okay with it, but what can I do? It took me some time to get the packages back, and now that it’s the Holidays …. I’m not even sure if Ihave the spare money to send out ALL those pocket letters (that’s another story).  Now lets move on to the details of a pocketletter.

This is how I do it. I pick a theme for each pocketletter. The front side of a pocket letter I decorate according to what I will be providing in the back of the pocketletter. What do I use to decorate? Anything and everything. Some ladies like to buy premade items from the craft store, so all they have to do it glue it to the pocketletter. I on the other hand prefer to  create everything on my own. I consider it being more unique. The down side to it, it takes a lot longer to make. What do I provide in the back? I put little things that the receiver can use for future pocket letters.


So far I’ve traded locally (in Hawaii), nation wide (farthest was NY) and international (Japan & the UK). It’s a fun experience, but it could also be costly.


happy planning,



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