My new found hobby

Hey there planner peeps!

Since I’ve joined the planner community, I’ve become slightly obsessed with planner stickers. Just let me tell you, there are A LOT of planner stickers out there. From kits to seasonal to even emoji style stickers. THERE ARE A LOT! Along with the cuteness, comes a price. Most shops charge (in my opinion) an arm and a leg and after looking through so many shops, and seeing so many posts on Instagram of planner stickers, I came to the conclusion that planner stickers just doesn’t fit in my budget, I decided to research other alternatives. I then found printable planner stickers and might I say, my printer has never worked this hard before. lol

After downloading all the stickers I wanted, I realized that I wanted special stickers that only I can have. That’s when I decided to design my own. Although I don’t own a cutting machine (yet) I told myself it’ll be considered as a “pre-shop trial”. Something I could do to check if the planner community likes my designs before actually printing and cutting them. And let me tell you, the ideas are endless ESPECIALLY if you’re designing for yourself. I posted a few of my ideas and sneak peeks on my instagram (life.with.garrie) and the feedback was shocking. At that moment, I decided to make printable stickers for others. Stay tune!


happy planning,



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