This thing called the planner community

Hey there planner peeps!

So, there’s this “NEW” it thing called the planner community. Everyone and their mom is a part of this community. What is the planner community you ask?! It’s a place (social media) where women AND men can share their love for planning and planners. I will not lie, I am OBSESSED with planners and planning ever since I was a little girl. You wanna see what it’s all about? Go on you Instagram (because I know you have one) and type in #plannercommunity. There you will find photos of planner layouts, planner stickers, sticker shops, and so much more. What’s so fascinating about this planner community? For me, it’s like planning and crafting all in one. I can connect with people who share the same passion and interest as me.

Just like every other community, club, and whatever nots. You’ll find yourself some DRAMA! For what reason, I do not know. But this is what I do know. 1) supposedly there are girls buying Target one spot items and reselling them for much more than what they’re worth. and 2) Girls that back out on their trades/swaps and become “scammers”. Women have literally take things to the point of involving law enforcement. I’m not going to lie, I was blocked by a LOCAL planner person. And till today, I still don’t know why. Am I going to let it bother me, HELL NO! (insert laughing face her). I mean, it’s just stationary items. Page flags, planners, stickers, washi tape, etc… Don’t get your panties all in a bunch.

Along with the planner community you have these planner sticker shops. I’m lucky to be a PR girl (I’ll save that story for another time) for three WONDERFUL sticker shops. Now all things are fun and games until a psycho path don’t get their stickers and they go all out crazy baby mama on your ass. (it’s that real). haha if not, you got these desperate girls applying to be PR girls for all these sticker shops just for free stickers. I mean, I’ve even seen a girl become a PR member for not only one, but TWO sticker shops. Mind you, she didn’t start planning until she became a PR girl. Am I jealous? Maybe a tad bit. I mean there are serious girls out there that really plan and create BEAUTIFUL layouts in their planners, and here comes mary-lou dwindling along scooping up some free stickers. (rolling my eyes).

Then, (no I’m not done) you got Erin condren users versus the Happy Planner users. The BIG TIME 12k followers vs the planner newbies. It’s a bit sad. We’re all supposed to be grown ups here but I guess now days, age ain’t nothing but a number. I mean, you even have these creepers. NO LIE! I once had a girl ask to be planner friends because she had none. So like any other situation, I checked out her profile. This chick literally had more than 1,000 followers but yet she ain’t got no friends??? May I also add that most (I would say 85 – 90%) of her posts are giveaways. In the planner community, that’s called a giveaways account. So me being me, I kindly asked her what her age is and where she was from. She replied that she’s NOT going to disclose her age on social media (perfectly understandable) but she’s from Canada. NOW, this is where shit got twisted. They WAY she said it was like if she was getting snappy with me, uh uh. I don’t play like that. I replied letting her know that if SHE asks people to be her friend but yet don’t want to inclose any info, it seems a bit shady. Especially with the giveaway post and such. Did I mention that the photos that weren’t giveaways had no caption nothing?! Well, now you know. I was not about to be offer my friendship on a social media network to some nut job. In return, she unfollowed me and deleted the post. Do I remember who she was? NOPE!! That’s how relevant she was. #flipsmyhair

But all in all, the planner community is some what of a good place. It’s kinda like being in high school all over again. The popular girls hang with each other, the newbies become friends with other newbies, so forth and so forth. The BEST part so far about the planning community, is that it has brought me some great friends.Three in particular (you know who you are) And has brought me back to my passion of crafting and writing. It even convinced me to open my own shop (once we move).


happy planning,



3 thoughts on “This thing called the planner community

  1. Maybe I haven’t delved deep enough into the planner world to find the drama (aside from the Target Dollar Spot mark ups– those are a pain!) I’ve been a planner girl for as long as I can remember, but I just discovered the online community when I bought my first kikki.K planner last June, and even with having a blog, Instagram, and Etsy shop devoted to planners I’ve still managed to avoid any drama. I love seeing everyone’s planner layouts on Instagram and Pinterest, it always inspires me to want to step up my own planner game. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve loved reading your planner and PR girl updates on your blog so far!



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