Target one spot


Lets talk Target one spot. Newly named Bullseye’s Playground, it’s one of the most hot spots for most planner addicts. What’s so great about this one particular spot? It’s the cheap and cute stationary and craft items that they sell. Now, I’m not much of a Target shopper, but the one spot has drawn me in. I even found myself going to a particular target for three days straight just for a particular item. (which of course I did not get) When I first noticed the one spot I actually thought it was made for kids. Toys, stickers, crafting items. So I never really paid attention to it. Fast forward 5 years later, and I have become a fan. But this once so cute little area in the store became a war zone for planner addicts.

Just like I previously stated, RELAX it’s just stationary items. I mean when you’re on your death-bed, are you going to be saying “man I wish I got those page flags”. I don’t think so. Why am I getting hot and bothered about this? I’m one of those UNlucky girls who can’t their hands on the target one spot items? tgrWhy do I want them? I mean why not ??! Where else are you gonna find cute stationary items for $3 or less ?? LOL So, I previously posted on my IG about the Target one spot and the group of people I call the “Sellers”. Who are these people? They’re the people who wait outside Target for opening just to get their hands on the target one spot items. After filling their carts and clearing the shelves, these people will then post those $1 items for sale on their social media site for more than the cost. Now, I’m not talking about maybe a few cents more, but like $10 for a $1 page flags. What I’ve seen recently was a girl selling a $3 stamp set from Target for TWENTY dollars. When asked why so pricey, she replied with a “it’s vintage”. No no hunny, 1864 is vintage. I have kids older than that stamp set! Unreal right?! I mean, why??! Why have the intention of buying cheap items and resell them for way more then what its worth??! What’s the point? I for one dislike those people. I call them #greedy !!

Next, you have the hoarders. They don’t have the intention of reselling the Target items, they just keep them for them for their selves. Waking up at the ass crack of dawn to stationary items. Sorry, this mama of four ain’t about that life. Who needs that many page flags, notebooks, notepads and whatever nots in their life? Seriously ! I just don’t get it. If I actually had the chance of scoring one spot items, I would get maybe 2 of the item (depending what it is) maybe three max. But not no twenty something or the whole stash. Sorry, but that shit is just uncalled

Now, when I posted this rant on my Instagram there was a response that I did not expect. Someone was actually in defense for the hoarders and the sellers. She claimed that EVERYONE now days need to make a profit. Uhm, no darling it’s not considered as making a profit. Helloooooo. Unless the “seller” designed and manufactured the items themselves, there is NO profit to be made. That’s them taking advantage of a situation in the most greediest (if that’s even a word) way and making money for themselves. –> insert snobby face here. Apparently to her, it’s the way of the world calling it supply and demand. WHAT.EVERRRRRRR

Third people you will find, I call the “Hiders”. They’re the ones that hide all the one spot items. It’s either that they want to hide it for later purchases or for a family/friend. What happen to every man for themself?? HAHA! I say if a family member wants the item tell them to bring their ass there NOW and get them or you get it for them then and there. Point blank, I guess not everyone functions like me. But still … come one now.

Last you have the givers. They’re the ones who buy extra one spot items with the full intention of giving the items away as RAKs (random act of kindness) or in a cool fun giveaway.  Now these people get a kudos point in my book. I have one specific planner “sister” who gifted me twice with dollar one spot items. She even did multiple giveaways for others to get the chance to win some. The reason why I like these people is because they don’t expect things in return. Why can’t everyone act this way? Beats the heck out of me.


Now let’s get to the juicy part. I’m apart of the Hawaii planner community, and regardless of what people may think there is some major drama going around. A specific groups of girls are being labeled as the hoarders. Clearing shelves at the Targets for who knows what reason. What are they doing with all their one spot items, I wouldn’t know. I was blocked from their page. Why you ask? I have no clue. (keep reading for my guess on why) Resources tell me that when these girls were seen in person, they were called out on their shit! Then a whole bunch of drama followed. These same group of girls took part in yet another dispute about shopping in Target, but this time with a different person and law enforcement was involved (supposedly). What’s my deal with the girls? It has nothing to do with Target shockingly. A local office warehouse called Fishers Hawaii started selling washi tape. I found this out of course through Instagram. Now me being the unlucky person with Target, I jumped on the opportunity to get the washi. fish1My first trip there, I will admit I grabbed at least one of each. I didn’t want to take the chance of not having any at all. PLUS, considering the fact that most of them were christmas washi, I knew they weren’t going to carry them for much longer. So where does the drama come in? Don’t worry, I’m getting there. Shortly after I posted my photo, I all of a sudden seen people posting their “stash” from Fishers. Now, let me make the point that this post and such was prior to being blocked. I seen a particular person post that she got her washi from Fishers for a certain price. Letting everyone know that Fishers has washi tape. Shortly after I seen another girl post her stash from Fishers. Within her post she thanked the first girl for getting the washi for her. What was the catch to the two posts? The second girl posted them for half the price. Me being ME, I asked how she got it at that price, because if that’s the price she paid, I want a refund. Apparently girl one was an employee. (or some shit like that). Thinking they were already shady as fck I went back. And once again, me being me I posted my new grabs along with the caption .


You can guess what happen next. My reaction to it #byefelicia


happy planning,



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