Washi Addiction

Hey there planner peeps!

Washi; Japanese for paper. Washi tape; man’s BEST creation. LOL As you can already tell, I’m a HUGE washi tape addict. I’ve been only collecting for a short period of time and the addiction has grown into an obsession. I’ve searched everywhere and anywhere for it (well only where I live). image As of right now, I can honestly say that I have maybe 400 pieces. Ranging from $1.00 to $3.99 a piece, it has torn a small hole in my pocket. What do I use them for you ask? First and foremost, my planner. Decorating my planner makes me somewhat happy and joyful. I love to craft. Since I was a little girl I love to craft, and with my current living situation decorating my planner is the only crafting outlet that I have. Besides decorating my planner, I use my washi tape for small DIY projects like birthday cards and such. wpid-washi2.jpgI swap samples with other washi addicts and newbie planner girls/guys. Why am I so obsessed with Washi tape? I really don’t know. LOL. I guess you could say it’s a new phase of mine. It’s become such an addiction to the point that even my children have picked up on it. Every time we go to certain stores they always go straight for the crafting or office section finding whichever washi that they can and asking me if I already have it. I think it’s cute, the hubby thinks it not. I ultimate goal to maybe start selling washi tape wholesale. In that case I can please others with the gorgeous washi tape and “feed my addiction” at the same time. Who knows?!

Happy planning,



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