PR Girl (RosesOnMarsDesigns)

Hey there planner peeps!

Wow, what can I say?! I’m glad and proud of all the people I met through the planner community and the opportunities it has given me, to branch myself out in the social media world. Just about two weeks ago I took a chance in applying for a PR position with a sticker company called ‘Roses On Mars Designs’. Before applying for the position I made sure to take a look at her sticker shop, just to see what kind of works she does. And I must say, she does AWESOME work. What hooked me was the fact that she draws out her designs by hand and adds a hint of water-color to them. Instantly I applied. I was shocked to receive her quick reply of YES! I’m not gonna lie, I was ecstatic. I’ve never been on a PR team before and all the other shops that I applied with denied me. (I still don’t know why). pr1 I was eager to get the show started. I quickly started posting her work from her Etsy shop, giving her IG a shout out, and introducing myself to the other girls who made the team. I swear I felt like I was in high school all over again LOL

Although we haven’t gotten to experience her lovely stickers YET, I have full confidence that she’ll get them out to us, and that they’ll be worth the wait. Some must be wondering ‘Why did you join a PR team?’ First and foremost, it sure as hell wasn’t for the free stickers. I have a passion with helping others succeed. Knowing that I took part in a company that started from scratch and became an empire (she’s getting there) would be an honor all on its own. Her designs are unique (like I previously said). She doesn’t do the typical Kawaii themed layouts (no offense), or the pastel colors, or even the basic computer style icons. I (once again no offense) don’t like those kinds of styles.

pr May I also add that I met the three most cooky, bitchy, crazy, yet loving, and caring women in the WORLD! Bianca (the owner) is also a mother. Her daughter Lily has one of the most adorable wide smiles. I love the fact that she’s straight up and gets to the point, but yet at the same time she wants to make sure not to offend anyone and assure that no one’s feelings gets hurt. And may I mention that her BF and my husband has A LOT in common? if you’re wondering, YES we made them become friends on FB. Briana a.k.a BRIELA, is the bomb diggidy! In her owns words “Cause I’m gay as fuck” will always be engraved in my mind. Her and her girlfriend of EIGHT years (daaaaaaaam) are just the cutest things ever. I dunno how her girlfriend deals with her new-found obsession with washi tape, planners, and planner accessories. (my hat goes off to her) Then there’s Becca. I call her the feisty one. lol I’m in LOVE with her accent, she be gangster. She’s one busy woman. She’s either at work or school, and I admire her for that. I swear our conversations be random as Fck! we’re on our chat, or always on Periscope and skype. I see a long friendship with these girls and I’m happy!

Happy Planning,



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