About Me

Hey there readers!

My name is Garrilyn (Gary-Lyn), but everyone calls me Garrie (Gary). I am a mother of four wonderful children and a happy wife to one lucky man.. When I’m not working with children throughout the day, you can find me running my own rugrats to and from events and appointments, maintaining my numerous social media sites, planning, conducting planner events, crafting, and soo much more!13653286_241628839569297_1149733866388835013_o

I created this blog to share well …. basically my life. Here I can share my crafting ideas, my planner, my organization hacks, my life as a mom, wife, planner addict and newbie blogger.

If you have an idea or suggestions, a blog post you’d like to see or a collaboration you’d like to do, please leave me a comment below or email me at lifewithgarrie@gmail.com– I’d love to hear from you!



Hey hey HEEEEEY! Lifewithgrrie.com is my own personal outlet where I show my planning, crafting and lifestyle tips for the world to see. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING represented in this blog are based on my life.

Text & Photos

All the crappy photos on my blog of course was taken by. Any photos NOT taken by me have been credited to their original artist/photographer. If you would like to use any of my photos, please contact me first at garrie@lifewithgarrie.com or by simply commenting on one of my posts. I would be more than happy to share.


All content on this blog has been written and edited by me unless stated otherwise (definitely considering guest bloggers). Of course, all opinions and reviews are my own. They are honest and based on my own personal experiences. Products mentioned in my blog are all purchased from me unless stated otherwise. If you would like me to do a review on your product, please feel free to email me at garrie@lifewithgarrie.com